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Crown Leather is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products on the market. Everything is built right here in the USA using only the Finest Leather, Stainless Steel Hardware, Genuine Crystals, & Craftsmanship available on the market today. Our products are built to last, and with the proper care, they should last you a lifetime of use.  In the case that you do have a warranty issue that is not due to abuse or neglect, you may send the item back for repair at no cost to you ~ for the life of the product. You only pay the shipping, we cover the rest. (If abuse or neglect is seen, the Warranty does not apply) Also, I will no longer be accepting items back that are not cleaned prior to shipping!!! If I can tell that your tack has been neglected, I will not honor the warranty! Please take care of your tack, and it will last a lifetime!



In order to keep your crystal conchos looking like new, all you need is a soft toothbrush, and a mild soap & water. Clean and dirt and debris and let dry. Removing them from the tack prior to cleaning works best! They will sparkle like new again, and when you keep them clean, you reduce the risk of crystal loss.



Always be sure to wipe down your tack after each use. This will remove any sweat or dirt from the hardware, and prevent any corrosion of the metal spots. All leather loses moisture and oils over time, and with handling. As a hide dries out it's more likely that the fibers that make up the surface of the skin will break rather than stretch. Every animal hide is unique, and some will have less natural oils than others. The more we handle a product made from leather, the quicker it will lose its natural flexibility due to it's oils and moisture being transferred to our hands, etc. Direct exposure to the sun and harsh weather can also cause the leather to dry out, so always be sure to keep your tack covered and in a dry location when not in use. 



We recommend that you clean and oil your tack on a regular basis. Use an oil that is designed specifically for leather, such as or Neatsfoot Oil, as they are considered to be good natural leather care products. Do not use olive oil, or any other oils that are not specified for leather use. Rats small the scent of the other oils, and will chew it up. If your tack is covered in sweat and dirt, you will need to give it a good cleaning with a saddle soap before using any oil.

~It is the customer's responsibility to use appropriate measures to maintain and protect your items. We will not warranty any items due to abuse or neglect!~

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